Aug. Poetry Workshop ft. yes the poet!

Event Date: August 17, 2019 -

Event Time: 12pm-2pm

Event Location: 240 Waterloo st

Join us the Saturday after our slam from 12-2pm for a workshop opportunity to chat with poets, learn some tips and tricks, have your writing critiqued, practice performing, or just sit in and listen! Workshops are held at the GORGEOUS London Roundhouse, and are FREE + ALL welcome! (no experience necessary)

Our August workshop will be facilitated by yes the poet, our August feature!

*and humans who care! (see FAQ)


This workshop explores community care and accountability, and is heavily discussion based. We will be exploring our own care routines, how we care for each other, and the impact that this care can have on us as poets* and as humans. It is meant to run as a personal and community inventory tracking the flow of emotional energy, particularly looking at where we invest energy and how we engage with our respective communities, audiences, and art forms.


We’ll also be examining the practice of care, what supporting and being supported looks like tangibly, and how to better access this in our interpersonal and broader lives. 


For part of the workshop, we’ll be discussing self and community care through an intersectional lens, and talking about what it means to live in marginalized bodies – but more importantly, what it means to take care of them. We’ll also be talking more explicitly about oppression and the ways that social structures can impact our health and wellbeing, and about how taking care of ourselves and each other is just another way to say fuck you to ‘the man’.


This workshop will run with a variety of conversations, activities, and resources, in order to better meet the desires of those in the room. The structure is informal, but the overall experience is guided and intentional.


This workshop prioritizes the energy and experiences of people who identify as IBPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, crip/neurodivergent/disabled, women, and femmes.


yes requests that workshop participants come scent-free.


This is a consent focused space. Folks will be allowed to engage with the workshop at whatever level is comfortable for them, without external pressure or judgment from the facilitator. It is asked that we prioritize respecting everyone’s physical and emotional space and boundaries. Anybody who has questions about this, that cannot be covered quickly in the workshop, is encouraged to contact yes in advance for resources and answers.


yes is a trained peer support worker and will available during the first half of breaks to decompress with individuals in need of active listening. 


yes is also trained in some conflict de-escalation and resolution, and is committed to only allowing police to be called in cases where there is an immediate danger to the lives of themself or others. They also commit to only calling ambulance/paramedic services if a person consents, or if their life is in immediate danger – recognizing that ambulances present a financial burden and hospitals are not accessible healing spaces for all bodies. 


While temporary, this workshop will exist as a safe(r) space. We will be making community agreements for our time together as a group, but you can expect that everything in this space will occur with the expectation of confidentiality (this will be reaffirmed before we begin). People may disclose personal information or stories in this space, but no one is required to. 



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No! ID and age won’t be checked, but I wouldn’t recommend this workshop for children.

Do I have to be a poet to come?

No! While this workshop is being run by a poet, through the lens of the ‘national’ spoken word community, that does not make this workshop exclusive to people who are part of that community or identify as poets. We are all a part of various communities and bring a variety of lived experiences and knowledge to any space that we encounter, and all people from all walks of life will be welcomed and included in this space. The content and conversations we will be having will not be poetry-specific, and neither will the lessons that we can learn from each other.

August Poetry Workshop Details:

When: Saturday August 17th, 12-2pm
Where: London Roundhouse, 240 Waterloo St., London Ontario
Cost: FREE
Bring a pen and a friend!

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