Voices of Today Nat’l Youth Fest

London Poetry Slam sent its first youth team to the national youth festival Voices of Today, in Toronto Aug 2017. Formerly YouthCanSlam, the youth festival boasts a slam competition and a series of workshops, panels, features, and other opportunities for young poets from across the country to connect and learn. Congrats to Eric Trudell (winner of Voices of Today Underground Indies!), Emma Blue, Casper Langford, Andrew Fraser, and coach Jayme Archibald!

For more on Voices of Today national youth fest, visit voicesoftoday.ca

Your 2017 London Poetry Slam team!

Congrats to Grand Slam Champ Michelle, and team members TedO, Alan, Eric, and Benjamin!

The team will travel to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in October in Peterborough, Ontario!


Congrats Eric, our Indies Qualifier Slam winner!

Congratulations to Eric for winning our January Indies Qualifier Slam!

Eric will be traveling to Vancouver in April 2017 to compete at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam against 40 top poets from across the country. CIPS (“Indies”) is part of Verses Festival.

To learn more about CIPS, click here

London Poetry Slam takes SECOND at CFSW 2016!!

London Poetry Slam finished second place overall, behind champions Guelph Poetry Slam, at the 2016 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 24th – 29th

Team members Alan Leangvan, Inali Barger, Jayme Archibald, Levi Hord, and Eric Trudell advanced to semi-finals, and then finals, for the first time in London Poetry Slam’s team history. The second place finish marks the best placement for London at CFSW by a wide margin, and the team, plus coach Holly Painter, hope the performance will boost momentum for future teams and competition at the local level. Slammers in London can accumulate points during the slam season (June-March) to qualify for the April Finals competition. The next Canadian Festival of Spoken Word will be held in Peterborough, Ontario in October 2017.

Your 2016 London Poetry Slam team!

Congratulations to Grand Slam Champion Alan, and team members Eric, Jayme, Inali, and Levi!

The team will travel to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Winnipeg in October representing our fine slam!


Congrats Alan, our Indies Qualifier Slam winner!

Congratulations to Alan for winning our January Indies Qualifier Slam!

Alan will be travelling to Vancouver in April 2016 to compete at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam against 40 top poets from across the country. CIPS (“Indies”) is part of Verses Festival.

To learn more about CIPS, click here

Indies Qualifier Slam – now in January!

Every year the London Poetry Slam names a poet who travels to Vancouver in April to represent our fine city and slam at the Canadian Individial Poetry Slam (Indies/CIPS), part of Verses Festival.

Last year in February ten top poets from our standings battled it out in our first ever Indies Qualifier Slam, a 1-2-3 style slam (each poet performed a 1 min, 2 min, and 3 min poem, mimicking the format of Indies in which poets perform 1-2-3-4 minute poems in preliminary rounds).

Our first Indies Qualifier Slam was a huge success, and of course, we’re going to do it again!

But this year, we’re moving the competition to January, for two reasons: 1. The winning poet will have an extra month to gather funds to travel to Vancouver, and 2. Spacing out the Indies slam and our April Finals slam, both of which look to the top ten poets in our standings.

SO… if you’re interested in competing for the chance to rep London Poetry Slam at a national festival in Vancouver in late April 2016, get yourself up on our stage and earn those points! Qualifying poets will be notified after our December slam and will be asked to confirm or deny their participation in the Indies Qualifier Slam, and points from that slam will NOT count towards our season slam standings.

Any questions? Email londonpoetryslam@gmail.com

Culture Days at London Roundhouse

We were very happy to take part at Doors Open/London Culture Days on Sept 26th for the third year in a row, and loved being set up to perform at the beautiful London Roundhouse. We introduced spoken word and our slam to many visitors, and even had three new (to us) voices share poems! Check out photos from the day, and if you’d like to learn more about London Culture Days, click here:







Community Forum

London Poetry Slam will be hosting its first Community Forum!

Meeting will be held Friday August 21st 4-6pm in Victoria Park (meet at the bandshell).

We want to hear your feedback, ideas, and questions about our monthly slams, other spoken word community events, and your own poetic journey/what you need to grow as a writer & performer. EVERYONE is welcome, whether you’ve just discovered us or have been hitting the stage for ages. Come get involved & provide your input to help make London’s spoken word scene the best it can be!

If you cannot make it to the meeting, but still wish to submit a question or topic for discussion and receive a response, please email londonpoetryslam@gmail.com with the subject Community Forum.

Reflecting on Indies – Jayme A.

The following is a reflection by Jayme A., who travelled to Vancouver representing London at the 2015 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (Indies) competition in April.

“What brings you to Vancouver?”

Fellow plane passengers, airport staff, taxi drivers and hotel managers across the city did not expect my answer to be poetry. Apparently flying across the country for a festival dedicated to poetry and storytelling is not common among everyday blue collars; though even less common was the likelihood of finding Vancouverites that knew about the festival and were not sporting manbuns. This wasn’t for a lack of interest in the arts, however. It was more like a desensitization.

Alongside all the artists who have stormed the city in flocks of dyed hair and ukuleles, I felt at home immediately- and my mind was already blown by the time I first sat down in orientation. I was only an unconsensual hug away from some of my biggest idols. Unfortunately, this sparked a deep anxiety in me, as I wanted so badly to gain their respect. I set my mind to doing so by placing well in the competition. I still had not completely come to understand that poetry is never about the points.

Then to my horror, I dropped both poems at my first bout in the competition. From that point I knew I would have to change my outlook in order to keep my sanity and enjoy the rest of the festival. I embraced the atmosphere instead, and the praise of fellow poets who had all been in my exact same place before. I became able to take my head out of the competition and plant myself firmly into the community.

As soon as I made the first step, I felt like I had found home in the voices of people from all across the country. It was comforting to know that we were all here for the same reason. Meeting one another felt like a reunion of old friends and saying goodbye seemed like a see-you-soon. I came to Vancouver for a competition, but in the end I was there for the poets and what they had to say.

Typically as my stubborn self, I have silently boiled around those who come to competitions with the “I’m just here to have fun” mentality. However, I understand now. Once I realized I did not need to prove myself in order to feel like I belonged, I knew that this is how it felt to be good enough. No amount of points was going to affect how I was seen here.

For the first time, I felt confidence in calling myself a poet. While listening to the beautifully crafted words of the others, I knew this title was something to be proud of. I knew being an artist meant a dedication to impacting others. I have seen art change lives and I couldn’t imagine anything I would rather be than an artist.

“So, what brings you to Vancouver?”

Poetry brought me, and I’m ready to follow it anywhere.

– Jayme