Our first ever Indies Qualifier Slam winner is…

February 23, 2015

… Jayme A.!

On Friday February 20th, London Poetry Slam held it’s first ever Indies Qualifier Slam. The Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS / Indies) is an annual national competition in Vancouver in April for 40 of the top slammers from across the country. Each year London names a rep who heads to BC and competes… but this is the first time we have held a slam-off to decide who that person would be!

Our inaugural Indies slam saw 10 top poets from our 2014-2015 slam season perform, including Ceilidhe, Jenny Jay, Sara, BoGus, Adam S, Emma F, Eric, Jayme A, UB & Tiffany T.. Poets performed in a 1 min round, a 2 min round, and a 3 min round, mirroring the format of Indies prelims (where poets perform in 1, 2, 3, & 4 min rounds).

Jayme came out on top after all three rounds were said and done, and we’re happy to see her competing for the first time at a national festival. Best of luck Jayme, we’ll be showing the love from London!

To learn more about CIPS, or read up on how you can register as a storm poet if you want to join Jayme in BC and compete in the festival this year, click here.