2018-2019 Slam Season

What do the scores mean?

The Top 10 poets from our slam season (June-March) are invited to compete at our April Finals event to win a spot on the annual London Poetry Slam team! That team travels to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, a national poetry slam competition (it’s a big deal!)

Scoring/Standings Method

The London Poetry Slam ranks our poets by taking into account not only poets’ standings at each slam (1st, 2nd, 3rd) but also their slam scores (out of 30). The math behind it all is a bit complicated, but this system is used by other poetry slams and is the best way we have found to rank slammers. Note that under this new scoring system, poets have the best chance of qualifying for Finals if they slam at least 3 times. We also keep track of youth performers (under the age of 21, indicated by (Y) in standings) with the intent to send a youth team to the national youth festival in Toronto, Voices of Today.