Congrats Eric, our Indies Qualifier Slam winner!

Congratulations to Eric for winning our January Indies Qualifier Slam! Eric will be traveling to Vancouver in April 2017 to compete at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam against 40 top poets from across the country. CIPS (“Indies”) is part of Verses Festival. To learn more about CIPS, click here

Indies Qualifier Slam – now in January!

Every year the London Poetry Slam names a poet who travels to Vancouver in April to represent our fine city and slam at the Canadian Individial Poetry Slam (Indies/CIPS), part of Verses Festival. Last year in February ten top poets from our standings battled it out in our first ever Indies Qualifier Slam, a 1-2-3 … read more

Reflecting on Indies – Jayme A.

The following is a reflection by Jayme A., who travelled to Vancouver representing London at the 2015 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (Indies) competition in April. — “What brings you to Vancouver?” Fellow plane passengers, airport staff, taxi drivers and hotel managers across the city did not expect my answer to be poetry. Apparently flying across … read more

Our first ever Indies Qualifier Slam winner is…

… Jayme A.! On Friday February 20th, London Poetry Slam held it’s first ever Indies Qualifier Slam. The Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS / Indies) is an annual national competition in Vancouver in April for 40 of the top slammers from across the country. Each year London names a rep who heads to BC and … read more