Poetry/Performance Workshops

Our regular monthly Saturday post-slam workshops are back!

Join us the third Saturday of the month (after our Friday slam) from 12-2pm at the gorgeous London Roundhouse (240 Waterloo St.)  Workshops are FREE and ALL are welcome! (no slam experience required). Bring a pen and a friend and enjoy a casual meetup with new and seasoned poets and performers. Learn more about the poetry slam, have work critiqued, practice performing, share ideas, or just listen in. Local spoken word artists will lead workshops with specific topics in mind, but any and all writing/performance topics are welcome to be discussed.

School Workshops

Looking for a poet to teach spoken word in your classroom/school? Contact us or contact a poet listed below!

Holly Painter

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Holly Painter is a recognized spoken word artist, public speaker, and certified teacher, having spoken to over twenty-five thousand students across Ontario. She is a three-time Grand Slam Champion and former Director of the London Poetry Slam, a Safe Schools speaker and Artist in Residence with the Thames Valley District School Board, and a roster artist with the London Arts Council LAIR program.

Holly focuses on diversity, mental health, and bullying prevention in her work in schools, and has partnered with many London businesses and organizations. Holly is available and experienced to facilitate classroom workshops, speak at full school assemblies, and collaborate in other creative events.

Learn more/contact/book: or [email protected]

Ted Olczak


Ted Olczak is a three-time member of the London Poetry Slam national team and self proclaimed Captain Second Place. A regular at the London slam, TedO also appeared at the Guelph Poetry Slam Finals in 2013, as well as previously being involved in the local stand up comedy scene.

During workshops, TedO focuses on different writing exercises to get the pen moving, focusing on writing for the sake of writing, knowing that quality will find its own way.

Learn more/contact/book: [email protected]

Inali Barger


Inali Barger is a longstanding member and present Director of the London Poetry Slam. He is a spoken word artist, educator, community advocate, activist, and has a habit of turning binaries into biodegradable confetti. He placed 2nd nationally representing London on a team in 2016and is the current(2017) Underground Indies champ. Inali has a wide variety of life experiences that he addresses through his panels, poetry, workshops, coaching and conversations with strangers.

Learn more/contact/book: [email protected]

Jeff “Bo Gus” Drennan


Bo Gus (Jeff Drennan) is a poet, rapper and artist from London, Ontario, Canada. Actively creating since 1998, he has crafted his unique style through various mediums including live performances, recordings, poetry slams, freestyle sessions and rap battles. In 2009 Bo Gus was a member of the London Poetry Slam team that competed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Victoria, BC, and has performed as Feature Poet at UWO, Fanshawe College, Bluewater Youth Correction, Nuit Blanche Festival, and various art openings. Ever changing and evolving in an attempt to create and display his art, Bo Gus not only records, distributes, and performs his own material, he also freely collaborates with other artists.

Workshops: Bo Gus actively runs a rhyming and syllable syncopation workshop. It is a technical workshop showing the use of different rhyme schemes involving syllable syncopation and proper placement of rhymes with delivery. There are also exercises involving performance-oriented activities allowing people to be more comfortable with performing spoken word. A good workshop for people trying to find their voice within the ever changing world of slam poetry by teaching budding poets from grades four to eleven. This workshop can be adjusted for all ages and levels of literacy.

Learn more/contact/book: [email protected]